• Dealer

    Winner of 10 Ensors (Flemish Film Awards) & Best Feature Film at the BRNO Film Festival in the Czech Republic.

    ★★★★ 'Radical, explicit and illusory.” - De Standaard

    About: Fourteen-year-old drug runner Johnny is staying in a home for young people from difficult backgrounds. He dreams of a better life. One day, he meets the successful actor Anthony who becomes a regular customer. A bond develops between them and both decide to take a different path.


  • Patrick

    Winner of 15 awards: Best Film & Best Director at Fantastic Fest in Austin, 7 Ensors (Flemish Film Awards), the Magritte Award for Best Flemish Film ... 

    ★★★★ "A confident, witty and quirky debut" - Knack Focus

    About: Patrick lives on a naturist campsite. When his father dies, he finds himself in charge of the place. However, Patrick has other things on his mind. He has lost his favourite hammer. The longterm camp guests want Patrick to get a grip on his life, but he is determined to find his hammer. 

  • Bullhead

    Nominated for the Oscar of Best Foreign Film, winner of 6 Ensors (Flemish Film Awards), Best Film, Best Director & Best Actor at Austin Fantastic Fest, more than 400.000 visitors in cinema ...

    ★★★★ "Bullhead is everything a film needs to be: a smash in your face, an attack on your tears and on your heart. - Humo

    ★★★★ "One of the best debute films ever." - De Standaard

    About: The young Limburg cattle farmer Jacky Vanmarsenille is approached by an unscrupulous veterinarian to make a shady deal with a notorious West-Flemish beef trader.

  • The Ardennes

    Winner of 10 Ensors (Flemish Film Awards), The Magritte Award for Best Flemish Film & nominated for the Satellite Award of Best International Film.

    ★★★★ “Clever, wayward, captivating and moving. A firsttime director with lots of panache and guts.” - De Morgen

    About: After four years in prison for a brutal homejacking, Kenneth gets released from prison. His brother helps him to get back on track, but is witnessing how the highly strung Kenneth tries to win back his ex-girlfriend.

  • Racer and the Jailbird

    Winner of 6 Ensors (Flemish Film Awards), Best Belgian Film at Cutting Edge Awards & nominated for 5 Magritte Awards.

    ★★★★ "Surprising cinema with thrilling action and an unforgettable romance" - De Morgen

    About: When Gino meets race driver Bénédicte, it's love at first sight. Passionate. Unconditional. Fiery. But Gino hides a secret. The kind of secret that can endanger your life and the lives of those around you. Gino and Bénédicte will have to fight against fate, reason and their own weaknesses to save their love. 

  • When It Melts

    (in post-production)

    It is summer, and Eva is 13 years old. Neglected by her parents, she invents games in which she and two young boys invite girls from the local school to solve riddles. These games become ever more sexual, with dramatic consequences. Twenty years on, Eva returns to the village just as a new hall is being inaugurated, in the same barn where the dreadful events of that summer occurred.

    'When It Melts' is celebrated actress Veerle Baetens' feature film debut, based on the bestseller by Lize Spit.

  • Four Brothers

    (in production)

    Documentary Four Brothers tells the life story of four Ukrainian brothers torn apart by war. When the conflict escalated in Donbass, two of them became enemies fighting on opposite sides. A third one was adopted by Americans at the age of one and, now 14, tries to understand the conflict from afar. The fourth, confined to a wheelchair after a serious accident, is trying to keep the family together.

Our latest updates:


Dealer released in France

After its great succes in Belgium & the Netherlands, Jeroen Perceval’s first feature film Dealer will also be released in the French theaters on November 11th by Eurozoom. Dealer is about a fourteen-year-old drug dealer Johnny who is staying in a home for young people with a difficult home situation. He dreams of a better life. One day, he meets the successful actor Anthony, who becomes a regular customer. A bond develops between them and both decide to take a different path.

The Chapel by D. Deruddere opens Film Festival Oostende 2022

Film Festival Oostende proudly announced that Dominique Deruddere’s new film The Chapel will be the opening film of their winter edition on Friday January 27. Paired with this opening, a full retrospective of Deruddere's work will also take place during the festival. The Chapel is about a twenty-three-year-old virtuoso pianist Jennifer Rogiers who has lived most of her life with a terrible secret. When she is given the chance to compete in the final of the world-famous Queen Elisabeth Competition, the memory of a traumatic childhood experience resurfaces. For this thrilling drama, Deruddere cast Taeke Nicolaï ("Yummy") for the role of the young pianist Jennifer. The father and mother roles are respectively interpreted by Kevin Janssens ("De Patrick", "Fair Trade") and Ruth Becquart ("Red Light", "Over Water"). Among many others, Ina Geerts ("Muidhond"), Tine Reymer ("The Prime Minister"), Willy Thomas ("The Prime Minister"), Josse De Pauw ("The Patrick") and Abigail Abrahams ("Come Here That I Kiss You") are also starring. For the laureates’ roles, Dominique collaborated with Ukrainian Zachary Shadrin, Japanese Yumiko Funaya, Russian Anton Kouzemin and French Thomas Silberstein.

Tori & Lokita at Cannes

Our co-production Tori & Lokita by the Dardenne brothers was nominated for the official competition at Cannes and won the exceptional "Prix de la 75ème"

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